An Intelligent App for Better Times Tables Test Scores

TimesX started out as an experimental iPad app to greatly increase the amount of times table practice for a student in Grade 2. Later, the Settings, History, and Error Counts screens evolved as ways to customize, monitor, and focus the child's testing - which led to excellent results! A child can get more relevant practice with this app than with flash cards, traditional methods, or even other apps.

Simple and Intuitive Testing


Tap or Type. One, or both styles randomized in tests.


Teaching Control


Settings help a parent customize learning times tables from beginning to end. In the beginning, students can focus on one table (like 7x) at a time. As they progress, test on just the tables they've learned. As they advance, turn off the tables they've mastered. Some schools will start off only testing a table up to x10 (like 2x10, 3x10) and later advance to x12, which is also a setting.

Identify Difficulties

Error Counts

If your student gets a question wrong in two or more tests, it will show up here. Questions answered wrong the most often are listed first. When there are 10 or more questions listed here, your student can take a test just on those. This is a very powerful feature which lets you find and focus on difficult questions, often leading to better test scores in school. The Error Counts feature sets this app apart from others.

Keep Everything


A parent will know much more about their child's progress and abilities as a result of using this app. Tests are saved permanently, along with scores and grades, date, time and duration. You can also see which times tables were included in each test. Sort the list by oldest, newest, or best scores with buttons up top.

Every Question & Answer

History Details

From each test in the History screen, you can tap the arrow to see the original questions and answers. Wrong answers are highlighted in red and correct answers in green. This screen is also available from the results page, right after a test is completed.

Families & Classrooms Can Share One Device


Add as many users as you want. The History and Error counts are unique for each user, but the Settings are universal. You can rename users too, but not delete them (so kids can not delete each other). In most of the app, you'll see the current user at the bottom of the screen. You can easily manage users from the Switch User button on the Home screen.

Share the Good News!


At the end of a test, you have an opportunity to share the results and details. Depending on your settings and installed apps, you can share to Facebook, Email, SMS, Airdrop, WhatsApp, and more! See a Sample

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Read about TimesX on Smart Apps for Kids. Suitable for Schools and available with Educational Discount.

Rated 4/5 Stars in the Educational App Store, where it is one of the top multiplication apps. The Teacher App Library contains curriculum objectives and a lesson plan for using TimesX in classrooms.

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